Charlton Church of England Primary School
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A Christian School

Photo: Collective Worship - children praying
A Church School Providing   a   loving,   nurturing   and   distinctively   Christian   environment   is   central   to   our   ethos   as   a   Church   Aided   School.      Our   school   family   has   strong relationships   with   Charlton   Church   which   helps   children   grow   spiritually   as   they   gain   experience   of   worship   and   deepen   their   understanding   of   God’s   love.   Our Harvest,   Christmas   and   Easter   services   are   important   times   where   the   whole   school   community   gathers   to   reflect   and   give   thanks,   and   parents   are   warmly welcomed. Collective worship As a Christian School we seek to follow the teachings and example of Jesus. The   structure   of   our   Collective   worship   is   taken   from   the   Diocese   of   Canterbury.      In   our   daily   collective   worship   we   gather   together,   and   enable   children   to engage   with   the   Gospel   and   Bible   stories.   We   encourage   children   to   become   actively   involved   with   leading   collective   worship,   through   songs,   music,   prayer and   drama.   We   enable   children   to   deepen   their   spiritual   life   by   giving   them   time   to   reflect   and   respond   to   the   message   they   have   heard.   We   send   them   back into the school and wider community with the expectation that they will seek to apply what they have learned. Religious Education RE is separate from the National Curriculum because the syllabus is agreed locally by the County. The REact Kent Agreed Syllabus 2007 for religious education provides a broad and balanced RE curriculum. Aquila The school is a member of Aquila, the Diocese of Canterbury Academies Trust.  Click here to visit the Aquilla website.