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On   this   page   children   are   encouraged   to   upload   examples   of   their   work,   talk   about   their   learning,   describe   their   challenges   and   celebrate   their   successes.   It provides   a   real   life   context   for   children’s   written   work.      Here   your   children   tell   you   about   what   has   made   their   lessons   exciting   and   interesting   and   they   can talk about what their learning means to them. We   want   Charlton   School   to   be   a   place   where   children   begin   to   discover   who   they   are   and   what   they   want   to   be,   to   find   their   gifts   and   talents   and   start developing them. This   blog   gives   children   a   chance   to   reflect   on   their   learning   and   gives   them   a   real   audience   for   their   writing.   This   is   where   the   children   can   find   their   own voice. We hope you enjoy their work. We   have   a   dedicated   Teaching   Assistant   who   supports   and   enables   children   to   use   ICT   to   reflect   on   their   learning   and   present   their   work   to   the   widest audience. Click the link below to visit the blog.

Children’s Learning Blog

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