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Class 1

Photo: Pupils in Class 1 working hard
Curriculum To see the Curriculum Maps for 2016-17 click on these links - core subjects and foundation subjects .   For the Term 6 Topic Web  click here . Spellings Spellings   are   one   of   the   many   new   things   which   will   be   introduced   in   Year   1.   The   children   will   bring   weekly   spelling   home   on   a   sheet.   Please   do   your   best   to practice   them   as   often   as   possible   and   always   use   those   sessions   to   also   practice   correct   letter   formation. The   spelling   test   will   usually   take   place   on   a Tuesday morning. Reading Please   continue   to   look   at   books   and   read   with   your   child   on   a   daily   basis   to   improve   his/her   reading   skills.   We   are   aiming   to   change   reading   books   every   day, so   please   sign   the   reading   record   when   you   have   read   the   book. There   will   be   a   list   of   words   for   every   new   Oxford   Reading Tree   Stage   and   it   will   help   your   child to practice those words in order to recognize them quickly.  If there are any questions about reading please do not hesitate to ask. Maths Over   the   year   we   will   be   working   with   numbers   to   10,   20   and   progress   up   to   100.   This   term   we   will   practice   basic   counting,   addition   and   subtraction   skills   and start recording number sentences. We will also focus on forming digits correctly. Parents If you need to speak to the class teacher about any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school. Class Teacher:  Mrs L Wells