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Class 2

Photo: Children in Class 2 eager to answer a question
Curriculum To see the Curriculum Maps for 2016-17 click on these links - core subjects  and foundation subjects .  For the Term 6 Topic Web  click here . Reading There are ten rules of reading – “Read, read, read . . . “ Reading   is   the   foundation   of   all   your   child’s   education.      We   spend   a   great   deal   of   time   in   KS1   learning   to   read   and   spell   sounds   and   reading   together.      We   listen to stories and examine texts daily and we rely on parents supporting this work at home by hearing children read each night and signing the contact book. Children   should   be   heard   to   read   each   night.   Please   sign   the   contact   book   and   remind   your   children   to   put   this   in   the   reading   book   tray.      Children   can   read   with me each playtime if this is not done. Children   will   also   be   given   an   opportunity   to   borrow   a   book   from   the   class   library   each   week.      Do   share   these   books   with   your   child   and   pass   on   any   comments you may have about his or her progress back to me through their reading record.  Help children to learn to read by – Making a special, quiet and regular time each day to read together. Be patient and let children work out words for themselves – by sounding out letters, predicting from the sentence so far or by looking at the pictures. Discussing   the   book   as   you   go   along   and   showing   an   interest   in   its   content.      Perhaps   your   child   would   like   to   read   another   book   about   a   similar   subject   or by the same author. Handwriting The   children   will   write   in   pencil   on   the   line   and   with   a   very   sharp   pencil.     They   are   being   taught   to   join   up   letters   and   will   be   writing   cursively   by   the   time   that they   leave   Class   2.      They   are   encouraged   to   practice   handwriting   at   home.      Copying   out   a   paragraph/sentence   from   their   reading   book   each   night   is   good practice. Spelling Spelling   tests   happen   each   Monday.     A   list   will   be   sent   home   in   a   folder   with   practice   sheets.      Please   help   your   child   to   learn   spellings   each   night   as   it   is   a   vital part of their language development. Maths You   can   help   your   child   at   maths   by   counting   everyday   objects   regularly,   going   up   to   100   and   beyond.      Encourage   your   child   to   tell   the   time   with   you,   add   up items   on   your   shopping   bill   and   use   the   correct   coins.      Read   labels   to   find   the   weight   of   things   and   let   them   weigh   your   fruit   and   veg.      Try   to   use   metric measurements   whenever   possible.      Formal   methods   of   recording   are   not   so   important   as   having   a   secure   understanding   of   numbers   to   100.   They   will   be receiving a ‘my maths’ password for an online maths homework website which will support their learning. Parents If you need to speak to the class teacher about any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school. Class Teacher:  Mrs S Sabin