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Class 5

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Standards and Expectations The   children   in   Class   5   learn   to   have   greater   independence   in   their   learning   and   take   more   responsibility   in   school   and   class   life.      High   standards   of   work   are expected   and   all   children   are   encouraged   to   become   more   organized   in   their   studies.      In   Class   stars,   prizes,   house   points,   certificates   and   special   duties   are given as reward for excellent behaviour. Curriculum To see the Curriculum Maps for 2016-17 click on these links - core subjects  and foundation subjects .  For the Term 6 Topic Web  click here . Reading By   the   time   a   child   has   mastered   the   basic   skills   of   reading   (approx   Y4),   their   reading   strategies   have   been   developed   significantly   enough   for   them   to   leave behind   the   reading   scheme   &   begin   the   process   of   self-selection   of   personal   reading   material.      Each   child's   individual   reading   skills   are   monitored   &   extended during   the   literacy   hour,   but   children   will   be   bringing   home   a   book   chosen   from   the   reading   corner   or   library.      As   this   is   a   learning   process,   children   may occasionally   bring   unsuitable   material   home,   eg   too   difficult,   easy.      You   can   help   this   process   by   talking   with   your   child   about   their   choices   and   encouraging them   to   choose   more   appropriate   material.     The   class   teachers   will   also   help   the   children   with   this   process.     The   children   have   a   reading   diary   and   both   parents and   children   are   asked   to   write   a   short   precis   on   the   pages   read.      Parents   are   asked   to   sign   and   date   the   record.      Children   are   asked   to   read   regularly,   at   least   3 times a week for at least 20 minutes. Homework Your   child   should   do   a   homework   task   every   night.     This   will   consist   of   learning   spellings,   tables   and   reading.      Spellings   are   tested   on Tuesdays,   tables   on   Friday. Your child will have numeracy and literacy homework once a week and occasionally work from other subjects. Parents If you need to speak to the class teachers about any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school. Class Teacher:  Class 5: Mrs H Gardiner