Charlton Church of England Primary School
Barton Road, Dover, Kent CT16 2LX   Tel 01304 201275   Email
Graphic: School logo Photo: Spiral notebook, pen and computer keyboard


Charlton News
Being able to keep in touch is easy at Charlton. For   urgent   messages   we   can   text   you   using   the   contact   numbers   you   have   supplied   us   with,   so   if   you   change   your   mobile   number   please   make   sure   you   inform us so we can update our records. Our   newsletter   is   available   online   via   our   News   blog    and   we   produce   paper   copies   of   our   newsletter   for   many   families,   but   if   you   would   like   us   to   email   you this information we can be sure it gets to you. Mrs   Macleod   and   Mrs   Tomkins   are   our   friendly   receptionists   who   support   our   front   office   and   are   always   ready   to   help.   Alternatively   we   are   always contactable by phone during school hours. The Friends of Charlton  also have a Facebook page which helps parents keep in touch and support each other.
Charlton Friends Learning Blog
Information on the move In   addition   to   the   urgent   messages   that   we   can   send   to   you   by   text,   our   news   blog   automatically   optimises   for   viewing   on   a   mobile   phone.      If   you bookmark the blog in your phone’s browser, or even add a shortcut to the phone’s home page, you can easily check the latest news wherever you are. The Children’s Learning blog and Friends of Charlton Facebook page also optimise automatically for viewing on mobile devices. Click on the links below for mobile or desktop versions depending on the browser you are using to view this site with: