Charlton Church of England Primary School
Barton Road, Dover, Kent CT16 2LX   Tel 01304 201275   Email
Graphic: School logo Photo: Children line-dancing


The Friends of Charlton School are a small group of parents and grandparents who meet informally to arrange fundraising events throughout the year.  We   organise   various   events   like   the   Christmas   and   Summer   fayres,   Easter   Egg   hunt,   Film   club,   Discos, Adult   pamper   night   and   subsidizes   the   Christmas   party.     Each   year   every   class   gets   £100   to   spend   and   the   rest   of   the   money   raised   goes   directly   to   benefit   all   the   children.      We   are   always   looking   for   new   members   or helpers at events and any new ideas to help raise money are welcome.  The   Friends   Facebook   page   is   a   support   network   for   all   parents   and   friends   of   Charlton   School.   Here   you   can   make   new   links   with   other   parents,   share   ideas and get better connected with school life. You   may   want   to   get   involved   with   some   of   the   many   events   the   Friends   put   on   to   support   the   children   at   Charlton.   Since   September   the   friends   have   run   a film club, pamper night, the Christmas Fayre and parties and are busy planning our Spring and Summer Calendar. Click on the link below to visit our Facebook page.
Charlton Friends