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At Key Stage One homework may be a reading book which they take home every night. You will be given advice on how to help your child in their reading. At a later   stage   they   will   get   spellings   and   timetables   to   learn.   Maths   homework   is   set   each   week.   Sometimes   children   will   be   given   tasks   to   finish   at   home   or projects   to   complete.   Details   of   homework   will   be   found   in   your   child's   homework   diary,   however,   you   can   always   check   with   the   class   teacher   if   you,   or   your child is unsure.

Show My Homework

We   are   excited   to   be   launching   Show   My   Homework,   an   online   tool   to   help   you   keep   track   of   your child’s   homework.   Show   My   Homework   will   allow   you   to   see   the   details   of   the   tasks   your   child   has been set, as well as their submission status and grades. You    will    be    provided    with    login    details    to    your    personal    account,    ready-linked    to    your    child’s homework   calendar.   These   logins   will   be   sent   out   after   launching   but   don’t   worry   you   will   still   be   able to view all homework. To   view   all   homework   set   without   login   details   please   click   on   the   link   for   Show   My   Homework      logo on   the   right   of   this   page.      You   will   also   be   able   to   login   by   following   this   link   and   clicking   the   top   right ‘Login’ button. For   easy   access   you   can   also   find   the   Show   My   Homework   logo   and   link   in   the   bottom   right-hand corner   of   our   homepage   and   a   direct   link   from   the   “Home”   drop-down   menu   at   the   top   of   each   page   of the site. We’ll   be   launching   Show   My   Homework   soon   and   we   hope   that   this   service   will   provide   parents   with a   deeper   insight   into   the   homework   your   child   receives.   More   importantly,   we   hope   that   it   will   improve your child’s organisation, time-management and help them to keep on top of their workload.
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