Key Stage 2 library

Key Stage 2 Library

Our library provides a stimulating environment which will encourage our children to develop a life-long love of books and reading. There is a wide range of fiction books available for leisure reading, plus a good selection of non-fiction supporting the curriculum and leisure interests.

When they have read a book children are encouraged to fill in book-marks giving the book a star rating, what they liked best about it and other books they have enjoyed. The book-marks are left in the book to help other children when making their choice of what to read.

Year 6 pupils assist in the running of the library as Pupil Librarians, helping the Teaching Assistant who runs the library. We were amazed at the number of applications we received for the Pupil Librarian posts and found it very difficult deciding who to put on our short list to interview. We usually ask for applicants for the role of Pupil Librarian from Year 5 in the Spring Term. The successful applicants can then gain experience from working with the current Year 6 during the Summer Term.

If you would like more information and ideas about encouraging your child to read below are some websites you may find useful.