Photo: An open dictionary, notebook and pencil


We are delighted with our most recent Ofsted report. We are now judged to be a good school.

The report highlights that the children respect and understand the distinctly Christian values which are at the heart of our school family. Qualities such as forgiveness and patience, alongside the ability to share and listen, show that they are able to ‘love one another as I have loved you,’ which is the foundation statement of the gospel values we share.

Improvements in teaching have made children ‘effusive’ about their learning. They say that ‘teachers organise their lessons so that they are fun, creative, and always introducing new challenges.’ They are developing the habits and mindsets of good learners; being ‘industrious’ in lessons and ‘taking responsibility’ for their learning by stretching themselves to tackle problems without giving up.

This reflects the passion all of our teachers and TAs share – to build the children’s learning capacity so that they grow into confident, independent learners who are curious, resilient and able to cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing world.​