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Our Curriculum

Literacy   and   Numeracy   are   the   core   skills   in   your   child’s   primary   education   and   we   focus   on   ensuring   all   children   are   fluent   in   these   skills   so   that   they   have   a ‘toolkit’ for lifelong learning. Every individual's needs are carefully planned for, and enjoyment and passion for learning and thinking is carefully nurtured. In   all   areas   of   the   curriculum,   from   Science   to   Geography,   Art   to   Music,   children   are   encouraged   to   make   comparisons,   investigate,   enquire,   and   explore.  Areas   of   the   curriculum   are   often   linked   together   in   order   to   make   learning   more   meaningful   and   children   are   given   opportunities   to   practice   and   apply   their core literacy and numeracy skills within all subjects. We teach phonics using the letters and sounds and we use the Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) as our core reading scheme.  Click here  for more information. We have a fully equipped ICT suite and an additional 22 laptops and 10 ipads children are able to learn and apply ICT skills in all areas of the curriculum. We   have   high   expectations   of   all   our   children   to   achieve   and   do   their   best   whilst   staying   safe,   being   healthy,   and   most   importantly   of   all,   enjoying   their   time at Primary School. National Curriculum The   National   Curriculum   is   the   statutory   document   that   gives   guidance   for   all   state   maintained   schools.   This   document   outlines   the   expectations   for   the knowledge,   skills   and   understanding   your   child   will   acquire   over   their   time   in   primary   school.   A   new   national   Curriculum   has   been   introduced   in   September 2013 and all classes (except Y2 and Y6 ) will be following this curriculum from September 2014. Click here for National Curriculum details . Class Pages Within these you will find our yearly and termly programmes of work for each class.   Additional class information will also be placed on these class pages. Click on these links to visit the pages: Class R Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Subject Curriculum Maps Click on the links below to see more details of the individual subjects: Art/Design and Technology Computing English Geography History Maths Modern Foreign Languages Music Physical Education Religious Education Science