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Phonics and Reading Scheme


Children   are   introduced   to   phonics   in   Reception   where   they   start   Letters   and   Sounds:   consolidating   Phase   One   and   learning   to   orally   blend   and   segment before   being   introduced   to   phonemes   through   a   multi-sensory   approach   using   songs   and   actions   from   the   Jolly   Phonics   Programme.      Children   then   learn   to blend   in   order   to   read,   and   segment,   in   order   to   write   within   Year   R.      Letters   and   Sounds   is   then   continued   in   Year   1   and   2   where   children   learn   alternative spellings   and   extend   their   phonological   knowledge   and   understanding.      Children   are   encouraged   to   apply   their   phonological   understanding   in   all   areas   of   the curriculum.  Children use ICT to extend their learning and we have the Twinkl Phonics app as well as subscribing to Phonicsplay. 

Reading Scheme

Reading   is   considered   of   paramount   importance   at   Charlton   C   of   E   Primary   and   every   child   is   given   the   skills   to   decode   and   blend   words   together,   as   well   as being   encouraged   to   use   a   variety   of   skills   to   read.      Initially   children   are   given   non-worded   Oxford   Reading   Tree   books   to   encourage   speech   and   language, story-   telling,   prediction   skills   and   imagination.      The   Oxford   Reading   Tree   scheme   is   combined   with   other   reading   schemes,   as   well   as   real   story   books   and non-fiction   texts.      Guided   reading   sessions   occur   everyday   and   children   are   listened   to   regularly   in   Year   R,   1   and   2   to   ensure   that   they   are   given   the opportunity   to   exceed   their   potential.      From   Year   1,   children   are   encouraged   to   choose   their   own   reading   books   from   the   KS1   library,   which   are   colour   coded so   children   can   chose   a   book   to   match   their   reading   ability.      We   encourage   children   to   read   at   home   as   frequently   as   is   possible   in   order   to   support   the   child’s learning.