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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

The   Pupil   Premium   is   additional   funding   given   to   publicly   funded   schools   in   England   in   order   to   raise   the   attainment   of   disadvantaged   pupils   and   to   close   the gap between these pupils and their peers. The   Pupil   Premium   was   introduced   in April   2011   and   is   additional   funding   that   the   government   gives   to   schools   for   each   pupil   on   roll   where   they   are   deemed to   be   disadvantaged.   The   Pupil   Premium   is   allocated   to   those   who   are   currently   entitled   to   FSM   (Free   School   Meals),   those   who   have   been   eligible   for   FSM   at any   point   in   the   last   six   years   (also   known   as   Ever   6   FSM).   It   is   also   allocated   to   children   who   are,   or   who   have   been,   looked   after   by   the   local   authority   and for   those   children   whose   parents   are   currently   serving   in   the   armed   forces. The   Pupil   Premium   funding   must   be   spent   on   pupils   to   support   their   education,   but it is for the school to determine and be accountable for how it is spent. The Department of Education website  is a good source of additional information. 2016/2017 Pupil Premium Funding: £1,320 for pupils in reception year to year 6 for each child registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years. £1,900   for   Looked-after   children   (LAC)   defined   in   the   Children   Act   1989   as   one   who   is   in   the   care   of,   or   provided   with   accommodation   by,   an   English local authority. £1,900   for   children   who   have   ceased   to   be   looked   after   by   a   local   authority   in   England   and   Wales   because   of   adoption,   a   special   guardianship   order,   a child arrangements order or a residence order. £300 for pupils in year groups reception to year 11 recorded as Ever 6 Service Child or in receipt of a child pension from the Ministry of Defence.

How do I find out if I am eligible?

Any   parent   can   apply   for   free   school   meals   via   Kent   County   Council   or   their   child’s   school.   This   is   a   quick   and   simple   process   and   you   can   complete   the   Local Authority   form   online,   just   click   here . Alternatively,   please   pop   in   to   see   Mrs.   Macleod,   in   the   school,   office,   who   will   help   you   make   an   application,   which   is quick,   simple   and   discreet.   Children   in   Reception,   Year   1   and   Year   2   are   automatically   entitled   to   Free   School   Meals,   but   don’t   let   this   stop   you   applying   for Pupil Premium as there are so many ways your child can benefit. A letter explaining who is eligible was sent to parents in September.

How will my child benefit?

As   a   school,   we   seek   to   provide   every   child   with   the   best   possible   learning   experiences.   We   have   high   aspirations   for   our   children   and   are   determined   to   give each   child   an   equal   chance   of   success.   Using   Pupil   Premium,   we   are   able   to   provide   a   range   of   additional   support   with   the   aim   of   improving   their   progress   and attainment   such   as   additional   targeted   support.   We   also   believe   that   enrichment   experiences   are   essential   and,   through   Pupil   Premium,   we   are   able   to support   families   by   providing   free   access   to   Breakfast   and   After   School   Club,   music   tuition,   all   fee-paying   clubs   run   by   outside   agencies,   financial   assistance with school trips and uniform. We also strongly recommend that any child entitled to Pupil Premium takes the opportunity to enjoy free school meals.

Information to be published to parents

Schools are now required to publish their ‘Pupil Premium Strategy’. This should include: 1. In the previous academic year 2015/2016 o how the pupil premium was spent o the impact that the pupil premium had on pupils 2. The current academic year 2016/2017 o the amount of pupil premium funding received o details of the main barriers to educational achievement o how the allocation will be spent to address these barriers and why these approaches were taken o how the school will measure the impact of the pupil premium o the date of the next pupil premium strategy review

How much funding does Charlton CE Primary School receive?

2014/2015  Total grant £46,800 Intended spending and actions 2014/15 - click here for details . Impact and analysis 2014/15 - click here for details . 2015/2016   Total grant £50,160 Intended spending and actions 2015/16 - click here for details . Spending and impact 2015/16 - Included in the Pupil Premium Strategy for 2016/2017 (see link below) 2016/2017 Total Grant £46,200 Pupil Premium Strategy for 2016/17 - click here for details.