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Reception Class

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Standards and Expectations Although   the   children   in   Class   R   are   new   to   school,   we   do   expect   to   set   the   tone   for   the   rest   of   their   stay   at   Charlton   School.      With   this   in   mind   high   standards of   behaviour   and   a   responsible   attitude   towards   work   are   encouraged   and   rewarded.      Children   are   expected   to   gradually   be   able   to   sit   still   and   listen   for increasingly lengthening times.  Stickers and certificates are given for effort and excellence. Class Rules 1. We have kind hands and feet 2. We speak kind words 3. We always tell the truth 4. We keep our classroom tidy 5. We walk in school 6. We listen to our teachers In   the   infant   department   a   system   of   rewarding   good   behaviour   is   in   place.      Each   child   in   the   class   has   a   clothes   peg   with   their   name   written   on   it.      This   peg   is clipped   onto   a   ‘sunshine’   -   if   a   child   keeps   all   of   the   class   rules   they   stay   on   the   sunshine.      If   they   break   one   of   the   rules   their   peg   moved   from   the   sunshine onto   the   ‘sad   cloud’!      Once   on   the   cloud   a   child   can   move   back   onto   the   sunshine   by   proving   they   can   keep   the   class   rules   the   next   day.   If   they   are   super   they can go on the star for the day and then get at certificate if they are placed on there 5 times.  Curriculum In   this   school   year   reception   class   will   be   covering   several   topics   including   Myself,   Food   and   Celebrations,   Favourite   stories,   Animals   and   Journeys.      Teaching and learning in Class R is extremely practical and hands on.  Information about the reception curriculum can be found in the classroom. To see the Long Term Teaching Plan for 2016-17 click here . For the Term 6 Topic Web  click here . Reading Initially   the   children   take   home   books   they   have   chosen   with   you   to   read.   Please   take   this   opportunity   to   talk   about   the   book   with   your   child,   discuss   the pictures   and   ask   the   children   questions   about   what   is   happening   in   the   story.      All   these   activities   are   vital   in   developing   the   comprehension   skills   required   to make a good reader.  The reading scheme books will be gradually introduced and  will be changed once a week according to the group your child is in. Play At   this   stage   of   a   child’s   development   it   is   still   very   important   that   children   are   allowed   to   play.     A   great   amount   of   learning   and   socialising   is   done   through   both structured and free play.  Please bear this in mind when your child says s/he has played all day! “Play is a child’s work and the means whereby he grows and develops.” The first half term will be devoted to settling the children into school and adjusting to new routines.  During this time assessment will be carried out. Parents If you need to speak to the class teacher about any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to make an appointment after school. Class Teacher:  Mrs P McPherson