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SATs Results

National Curriculum Assessments National   Curriculum   teacher   assessments   are   carried   out   every   year   at   the   end   of   Key   Stage   1.      National   Curriculum   teacher   assessments   and   key   stage   tests are carried out every year at the end of Key Stage 2. For more information about the National Curriculum assessments see the website - click here . Key Stage 2 Test Results 2016 New   assessment   arrangements   for   the   new   curriculum   took   place   in   Summer   2016.      Click   here   for   the   KS2   results    for   the   first   year   of   new   tests.   For   more information on the new assessment arrangements  click here to see the information for parents leaflet  from the Standards and Testing Agency National Curriculum Assessment Results 2014 - 2015 Below   are   links   to   tables   which   show   a   summary   of   the   National   Curriculum   assessment   results   of   pupils   in   the   school   (2014)   and   nationally   (2013),   as   a percentage of those eligible for assessment. KS1 Results 2014-15 KS2 Results 2014-15 School Performance Tables The School Performance Tables are published on the Department for Education website.