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Support for Children with Additional Needs

We   work   very   closely   with   our   teachers,   and   our   expanding   Special   Educational   Needs   and   Disability   (SEND)   team   to   provide   extra   support   for   children   with additional   needs   and   disabilities.   We   track   the   progress   of   children   very   closely   in   termly   pupil   progress   meetings   and   evaluate   and   plan   the   provision   for children   with   additional   needs.   We   aim   to   keep   additional   provision   for   children   in   class   as   much   as   possible   so   that   they   are   included   and   can   have opportunities   to   access   quality   teaching   and   learning   experiences   that   are   matched   to   their   needs.   We   also   have   a   wide   range   of   additional   support   that   is personalised to specific children’s needs and may be delivered in small group or one to one sessions. We   are   very   fortunate   to   have   a   qualified   speech   and   language   therapist   and   a   play   therapist   on   our   expanding   SEND   team.   We   have   now   appointed   a   new SENCO,   Mrs Amy Tong,   who   will   begin   to   work   with   us   in Term   2   and   we   are   building   the   team   to   include   a   Family   Liason   Officer   to   support   parents.   If   you   have any concerns or you feel your child may need additional support please come and talk initially to your child’s class teacher or Mrs Werth. In   September   2014   the   government   made   changes   to   the   way   children   with   special   educational   needs   are   supported   as   part   of   the Children   and   Families   Bill. These   changes   include   moving   young   people   from   statements    to   Education,   Health   and   Care   plans   (EHCP) ;   requiring   local   authorities   and   health   bodies to work   in   partnership   and local   authorities   publishing   a   "local   offer"   of   services   available.   If   your   child   already   has   a   statement,   this   will   be   converted   into   an EHCP automatically. The   new   framework   puts   parents   at   the   heart   of   the   discussion   about   how   best   to   support   their   children   and   ensures   that      we   can   look   forward   to   working   in even closer partnership with parents and health professionals to ensure Charlton children get the best possible support and make good progress. To   find   out   more   and   to   access   a   selection   of   free   resources   produced   by   Council   for   Disabled   Children   and   their   partners   highlighting   different   aspects   of changes to SEN and disability policy visit their website . To find out more about the Kent Offer click here .