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PE and Sport

At Charlton we aim to offer a range of age and stage appropriate opportunities to maximise the potential to develop the physical literacy of all pupils. Physical literacy describes the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that prepares children for lifelong participation. Children years 1 to 6 take part in an afternoon of physical activity a week. Reception children have at least 30 minutes per day of physical activity.(e.g cycling, ball skills , gymnastic skills, athletics, and team games) In   addition,   clubs   are   run   after   and   before   school   both   by   staff,   children   and   outside   professionals.   In   2015/2016   we   offered   many   clubs   including   football, cheer, archery, netball, non contact boxing and multi skills. We are also very proud of our success rate in many inter school competitions. (Please see our school blog for further details.) Click here to see this year’s PE Action Plan .

Sports Premium Funding

This   funding   is   ring-fenced   and   therefore   can   only   be   spent   on   provision   of   PE and sport in schools.   At   Charlton   School   the   Governors   and   Headteacher   believe   the   purpose   of   the Sports Premium should be: To   sustain   and   improve   the   provision   of   P.E.   and   School   Sport   throughout the whole school. To    ensure    that    teachers    and    support    staff    offer    high    quality    Physical Education   as   part   of   the   school   curriculum   and   that   continual   professional development for existing staff is on-going. To   ensure   that   we   have   the   correct   equipment   to   enable   high   quality delivery of the curriculum. To    provide    appropriate    competitive    School    Sport    opportunities    for    all children who wish to take part. To    identify    and    engage    with    those    children    who    are    less    active    and, therefore, less likely to choose sport and exercise as a lifestyle choice. To   work   in   partnership   with   other   organisations   (SSco)   and   schools   to maximise   the   potential   of   the   P.E.   and   School   sport   funding   and   make   best use of the facilities within the school grounds To   give   a   broad   base   of   extra-   curricular   activities   for   those   who   wish   to take part. Provision through Dover Sports Games: 1. Inter-school competitions 2. Sports crew training for inter-school competitions 3. CPD opportunities in gym, cricket and tennis 4. Afterschool clubs (gym and multi skills) 5. New curriculum support 6. Bikeability training (PE budget)