Charlton Church of England Primary School
Barton Road, Dover, Kent CT16 2LX   Tel 01304 201275   Email
Graphic: School logo Photo: School office from the palyground


Parents   are   free   to   visit   the   school   whenever   they   wish,   although   appointments   do   help   our   planning.   Class   teachers   cannot   see   parents   during   teaching   times, but are happy to make informal appointments after school.
Headteacher: Mrs K Werth Deputy Headteacher:    Miss F Milne Key Stage 1 Teachers: Class R: Mrs P McPherson Class 1: Mrs L Wells Class 2: Mrs S Sabin Key Stage 2 Teachers: Class 3: Miss A Brown Class 4: Miss K Lamb Class 5: Mrs H Gardiner Class 6: Mrs B Moon Special Needs:   Mrs A Tong Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Charlton Mrs A Crawford Mrs M Fellows Mrs R Hoskins Mrs L Jacobs Ms K Lanigan Mrs B Lyons Mrs L Michael Mrs K Pawlak Miss C Walker Mrs M Westfield
Office Manager:    Mrs T Macleod Office Assistant:   Mrs N Tomkins Business Manager:  Mrs K Howell Caretaker:  Mr C Cook Cleaners: Mrs J Paine Mrs S Stevens Midday Supervisors: Mrs M Eades Mrs S Farrell Mrs A Harris Mrs C Hazelden Mrs J Lee Mrs L Lee Mrs B Lyons Mrs J Snuggs Mrs A Wright Early Bird Club Mrs A Crawford Mrs J Lee Miss C Walker After School Club Mrs S Burslem Mrs S Farrell Mrs A Harris Mrs A Wright