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Welcome to our school. I hope you will enjoy our website and that it helps you know more about the life and work of our school. At Charlton our mission statement is: ‘Living, learning and growing in God’s love’
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Aims We   support   children   to   become   confident   independent   learners   who   are   able   to embrace the opportunities and challenges of life.  We    nurture    them    to    grow    personally,    academically,    spiritually    and    socially enabling them to use all their gifts and talents to shape their future.  Our   Christian   ethos   of   ‘love   one   another   as   I   have   loved   you’   permeates   our school   and   this   environment   enables   Charlton   children   to   grow   in   acceptance, self-assurance and faith. Values Click on the image of our Values Poster to see a larger version. Partnership with parents We   are   a   school   that   is   committed   to   working   in   partnership   with   you   to   offer your   child   the   best   possible   start.   We   want   you   to   feel   supported,   well   informed and   have   opportunities   to   be   actively   involved   with   your   child’s   learning.   Please see our parents pages for more details. We   look   forward   to   working   with   you   to   make   school   a   joyful   and   successful experience for your child. Kim Werth Headteacher