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Charlton C of E Primary School is committed to the continuous raising of achievement of all our pupils. Regular attendance is critical if our pupils are to be successful and benefit from the opportunities presented to them.


Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time.


Pupils are expected to arrive by 8:50am. All pupils that arrive after this time must report, with their parent, to the school office where the reason for lateness is recorded. If you arrive after this time, a late mark will be given on the class register.


It is the parents’ responsibility to contact the school on 01304 201275 by 9:30am to inform the office of the reason for the absence on the first day their child is absent.


This is a safeguarding requirement so that all parties know that your child is safe and their whereabouts is known. Parents should inform the school on each day their child is absent and inform the school when their child is returning.  If no reason for absence has been provided, parents are contacted on the first day of absence by phone call after 9:30am. If we are unable contact parents/carers, we will arrange a home visit.





In line with our Attendance Policy, absence from school during term time will only be approved in exceptional circumstances (examples of exceptional circumstances can be found in the Attendance Policy below). Holidays will not be authorised. If the absence is not authorised and the holiday is taken anyway, the school will request a Penalty Notice from Kent County Council. A Penalty Notice will be issued in cases of absence for 10 or more half day sessions (5 school days), without authorisation, during any 100 possible school sessions or period of 50 days of schooling – these do not need to be consecutive.


Where Penalty Notices are imposed, the regulations state that the penalty will be £120 to be paid within 28 days, reduced to £60 if paid within 21 days. Penalty Notices are issued to each parent of each child. Failure to pay the penalty in full by the end of the 28 day period will result in prosecution by the Local Authority.