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Outdoor Learning Curriculum

Outdoor Learning Curriculum

Our vision for outdoor learning

We look towards our school vision of ‘Transforming lives through God’s embrace’ by offering the children opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

Today’s society sees our children living smaller and smaller, introverted lives and we see our outdoor learning curriculum as a way in which we are able to broaden our children’s horizons. Through this, they are transformed into well-rounded young people, who can listen, who are able share, who are thoughtful, who are patient, who are able to forgive and who are encouraging to others.

Our definition of being a School of Sanctuary extends beyond the classroom walls; we envision our children viewing the natural world and those experiences as places of sanctuary in their own right.

Being outside, surrounded by nature, enables the children to connect to their own spirituality. We provide opportunities for children to immerse themselves in wildlife, connect to others, explore the mysteries of the unknown/new and to be inspired by the natural world. Through these experiences, children are able to further develop their emotional intuition, awareness of self, creativity and sense of community.

It is important that within our school, children receive regular opportunities to carry out their learning outdoors and to have a positive impact on the wider curriculum opportunities such as working scientifically, active learning, the arts, mental health and well-being and many more.



100 Things for the children to complete before they leave Charlton! This challenge will start with the current Year 1 and Year Rs and will continue until they are in Year 6.