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Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Me, Social Me, Thinking Me, Personl Me, Healthy Me, Competative Me


Our school vision ‘Transforming lives through God’s embrace’ underpins and guides our vision for the learning opportunities children experience in PE at Charlton CE Primary School.


Today’s society sees our children living more inactive lives, making poorer lifestyle choices and experiencing poor nutrition. These issues could be affecting some of our children. Our locality and the deprivation within our community does not readily provide children with opportunities to be active and in turn raise their health and wellbeing.


Our PE curriculum broadens children’s horizons and transforms them into healthy well-rounded young people. Through sport and being physically active they learn to listen to each other and communicate in order to achieve goals and outcomes. They learn to share, not only equipment but views, ideas, experience and expertise. They learn to be thoughtful of others and their needs, both during team games and when learning as an individual. Children learn the skill of patience, especially when learning new skills or when working with others whose needs and skill level vary from their own. Through physical activity and sport children are encouraging of others and champion each other as well as learning to forgive.


It is important that children receive and have access to regular wider opportunities. This encourages a sense of community beyond school. Children of all ages and abilities have opportunities to participate in after school clubs, competitions and events, as well as forging links with other local sporting organisations and schools. Children also engage in physical activity and sport beyond the core national curriculum offer through opportunities such as, Learning Outside of the Classroom (LOTC).


Being outside, connecting with others and being physically active enables children to connect with their own spirituality. Not only that, through the experience of engaging with our PE curriculum our children can develop their health, wellbeing, emotional intuition and maturity, sense of community and belonging and increase their physical skill level.


Our PE curriculum encourages children to learn new skills, take risks, develop life skills and manage their own feelings and behaviours. We use the Bruner’s theory of learning- The Spiral Curriculum- so that children can form a good foundation of skills and then build upon these. We use our school vision and values, spirituality, the National Curriculum, The Dover School Games principles and the children’s own voices to guide our curriculum design.


Sporting Provision

At Charlton we aim to ensure that all children take part in, and enjoy, appropriate physical activities, both as part of the curriculum provision and during break-times and after school clubs that are provided. We understand the importance and the long-term impact sport and physical education can have on our children’s lives – not only now but also in their future.


We pride ourselves on our Inclusive ethos and provide a range of physical activities and opportunities for ALL the children at our school. We encourage the children to both compete with themselves and each other and to co-operate as part of a team. Our annual sports day has a traditional, competitive nature together with a series of activities that all children can enjoy and fully participate in. As well as this, we also hold an annual ‘Sports Week’ where the children have the opportunity to try new sports where we use outside providers and children from a local secondary school. During this week the children also have the opportunity to work with children from across the school and use facilities in the local area. This, we have found, helps to promote independence, trust and leadership skills.


In addition, to regular lessons held at school, the children:

  • Visit the local swimming pool for sessions with specialist teachers
  • Active Learning throughout the day
  • Take part in outdoor learning
  • Year 6 participate in an outdoor adventure week
  • Year 5 and 6 participate  in Junior First Aid awareness
  • Year 5 receive Peer Mentor training in order to support younger children in the school
  • Children are encouraged to attend a range of after-school sporting activities either in school or at local clubs.
  • Participate in many local competitions and participation events, both within our collaboration, academy and at local district level.
  • Bikeability


We are an active member of the Dover School Games, and use their principles in our teaching and learning- Physical Me, Social Me, Thinking Me, Personl Me, Healthy Me, Competative Me


We proud to have achieved the Gold School Games Mark, 5 years in a row. We are currently working towards the Platinum Award.


Our older children play an important role in ensuring all children across the school are active. If this is an area they show a particular interest or aptitude for, they can either be a Play leader, an Active Team Member or be part of the Sports Crew. These roles help develop lifelong leadership skills and enhance independence and motivation across the school.


We welcome a variety of visitors to our school, to encourage and enthuse the children to work hard and aim high.


We are also very proud of our success rate in many inter school competitions.




Charlton Physical Activity Leadership

Our children are passionate about leading Sport and PE in our school and have the opportunity to do this through our Activity Team. The team takes responsibilty and are involved in a variety of sporting event and activities such as leading play at playtime.


Children from Year 6 can voliunteer for the role of an 'Activity Team' member, which gives them the opportunity to lead on sport and PE across school. The children meet with Mrs. Moat and Ms. Lanigan to organise a variety of tasks, including lunchtime clubs for our children, as well as co-ordinating and purchasing resources to improve our PE and sports provision. Year 5 have the responsibility of being Peer Mentors for our younger children.




Activity Team


  • Children are trained on what makes a good leader.
  • Lead by example within play.
  • Focus on the back playground, ensuring all children are happy and engaged.
  • To teach children new games.
  • To help children practise and improve new skills including turn taking and sharing.
  • Directing children towards activities and supporting them.
  • To help tidy away the equipment.
  • Liaise with MDS and PE team.
  • Activity Team members may run intra-competitions throughout the year.
  • Support with Sports Day
  • Provide opportunities to encourage and support children into becoming more active.
  • Work as part of a TEAM, communicating effectively with others.



Please follow the link below for details on Sports Premium.

PE Curriculum Booklet

Here is our PE Curriculum Booklet. It includes comprehensive information about our PE Curriculum. The contents includes:

  • Physical Education Vison and Statement of Intent, Implementation and Impact

  • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Aspects of PE

  • The Pedagogical Approach –The Spiral Curriculum

  • The Pedagogical Approach – Cognitive Load Theory

  • The Pedagogical Approach – Types of Knowledge

  • Subject Leader Action Plan

  • Sports Premium

  • The Dover Games Sports Partnership Competition Calendar

  • EYFS and The National Curriculum

  • Enrichment Opportunities

  • Inclusion in PE

  • Early Years Overview

  • Curriculum Overview

  • Sport Specific Curriculum Overview

  • Knowledge Progression

  • Progression of Skills and Assessment

  • Examples of Knowledge organisers

  • Where to find the evidence

Knowledge Organisers and Vocabulary Grid