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Physical Education

Physical Education

At Charlton we aim to ensure that all children take part in, and enjoy, appropriate physical activities, both as part of the curriculum provision and during break-times and after school clubs that are provided. We understand the importance and the long-term impact sport and physical education can have on our children’s lives – not only now but also in their future.


Sporting Provision

We pride ourselves on our Inclusive ethos and provide a range of physical activities and opportunities for ALL the children at our school. We encourage the children to both compete with themselves and each other and to co-operate as part of a team. Our annual sports day has a traditional, competitive nature together with a series of activities that all children can enjoy and fully participate in. As well as this, we also hold an annual ‘Sports Week’ where the children have the opportunity to try new sports where we use outside providers and children from a local secondary school. During this week the children also have the opportunity to work with children from across the school and use facilities in the local area. This, we have found, helps to promote independence, trust and leadership skills.


In addition, to regular lessons held at school, the children:

  • Visit the local swimming pool for sessions with specialist teachers
  • Active Learning throughout the day
  • Take part in outdoor learning
  • Year 6 participate in an outdoor adventure week
  • Year 5 and 6 participate  in Junior First Aid awareness
  • Year 5 receive Peer Mentor training in order to support younger children in the school
  • Children are encouraged to attend a range of after-school sporting activities either in school or at local clubs.
  • Participate in many local competitions and participation events, both within our collaboration, academy and at local district level.


We are an active member of the Dover School Games, and are proud to have achieved the Gold School Games Mark, 5 years in a row. We are currently working towards the Platinum Award.

Our older children play an important role in ensuring all children across the school are active. If this is an area they show a particular interest or aptitude for, they can either be a Play leader, an Active Team Member or be part of the Sports Crew. These roles help develop lifelong leadership skills and enhance independence and motivation across the school.


We welcome a variety of visitors to our school, to encourage and enthuse the children to work hard and aim high.


We are also very proud of our success rate in many inter school competitions.




Charlton Physical Activity Leadership

Our children are passionate about leading Sport and PE in our school and have the opportunity to do this through our Activity Team. The team consists of a Sports Crew, Play Leaders and an Active Team.


Children from Year 6 can apply for the role of an 'Activity Team' member, which gives them the opportunity to lead on sport and PE across school. The children meet with Mrs. Moat and Ms. Lanigan to organise a variety of tasks, including lunchtime clubs for our children, as well as co-ordinating and purchasing resources to improve our PE and sports provision. Year 5 have the responsibility of being Peer Mentors for our younger children.


If the children are interested in being part of the Activity Team, they must show dedication and commitment to being an active member and complete an application form detailing their skills and how they would promote physical activity across the school. 






Children are trained on what makes a good leader.

Lead by example within play.

Focus on KS1 playground, ensuring all children are happy and engaged.

To listen to younger children’s worries.

To teach children new games.

To help children practise and improve new skills including turn taking and sharing.

Directing children towards activities and supporting them.

To help tidy away the equipment.

Liaise with MDS and PE team.







Selected Sports Crew members will represent the school houses and complete training and admin tasks for Intra House competitions during lunchtime clubs.

Sports Crew member will support lunchtime activities and run House competitions throughout each term.

Lead on a variety of sports activities – break times on KS2; lunch time on the MAZ.

Planning and Co-Ordinating School Sports Days







Selected children will be trained to support and lead all children. The aim is to encourage participation of all children.

Provide opportunities to encourage and support children into becoming more active.

Run activity stations at break time, every day on the MAZ or playground.

Work as part of a TEAM, communicating effectively with others.



Please follow the link below for details on Sports Premium.

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