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Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders



Our team of worship leaders at Charlton includes children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We meet weekly to plan acts of worship that the children lead themselves in their classes. We look forward to leading key stage 1 and even whole school collective worship in the future too!


    Our Worship Leaders

    Being a worship leader includes:


    • taking part in a weekly lunchtime meeting
    • planning and leading class collective worship each Wednesday
    • looking after our class reflection areas
    • collecting children's reflections for our individual class and whole school collective books
    • taking care of the school prayer garden
    • choosing pupils who have stood out in collective worship each week to receive a special collective worship certificate

    What do you like about being a worship leader?


    "I like that it builds our confidence."


    "I like that we get to share our worship with the younger kids too."


    "I like that the worship leader role is now more important."


    "I like teaching the younger children about God."


    "I like being able to have a responsibility."


    "Being a worship leader has helped me to build my confidence and overcome my stage fright."


    "I like that we get to do our own worship in our class."