Charlton Church of EnglandPrimary School ‘Transforming lives through God’s embrace'

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Welcome toCharlton Church of EnglandPrimary School ‘Transforming lives through God’s embrace'


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Transforming lives through God’s embrace.

Charlton is a school of sanctuary, where spirituality is embraced in all its forms. As Jesus taught us, we love, support and celebrate our whole community. Our mission to widen horizons, nurture and challenge enables our children to become global citizens, who strive to make a positive impact on our world.


We look towards our school vision of ‘Transforming lives through God’s embrace’ by offering the children opportunities to learn in creative, meaningful and progressive ways.  

Today’s society sees our children living smaller and smaller, introverted lives and our curriculum enables us to broaden our children’s horizons. Through our curriculum they are transformed into well-rounded young people, who can listen, who are able share, who are thoughtful, who are patient, who are able to forgive and who are encouraging to others.

Spirituality runs as a key thread through our whole school curriculum – part of our hidden curriculum. In keeping with our Christian Vision, we recognise that we are all created in God’s image and have a spiritual dimension to our existence. We nurture this through the academic rigour we bring to our work and through our passion to help children and adults to flourish and achieve their God given potential.

Our definition of being a School of Sanctuary extends beyond the classroom walls and permeates all aspects of school life. We aim for our children to strive to make a positive impact on the world, becoming global citizens and so we are working towards our UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools award. Our school is also working towards our Nurture UK award, which will enable us to have a greater impact on and provide further support for mental health and wellbeing needs in the school. 

It is important that within our school, children receive regular opportunities to carry out their learning outdoors and to have a positive impact on the wider curriculum opportunities such as working scientifically, active learning, the arts, mental health and well-being and many more.

Through our curriculum, the children will become responsible, global citizens, who reflect our school Christian Values. They will have a thirst for learning and a strong sense of self.






National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is the statutory document that gives guidance for all state maintained schools. This document outlines the expectations for the knowledge, skills and understanding your child will acquire over their time in primary school. 

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Class Pages

Within these you will find the curriculum maps and termly topic webs for each class. Additional class information will also be placed on these class pages.


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