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Nurture UK

We have embarked on a journey with Nurture UK so that we become a Nurture accredited school. Mrs Moat, Miss Kew and Mrs Hazleden form the core of the Nurture team and are endevouring to ensure that the culture of the school has Nurture at its core alongside our Chritsian ethos, vision and values. As part of this they are developing a Nurture Room which will be known as the 'Zen Den'. As our Nurture journey grows more information will be added to the webpage.


What is nurture?

Nurture is a tried and tested way of relating to children that helps them develop vital social skills, confidence and self-esteem, and become ready to learn.


The concept of nurture highlights the importance of social environments – who you are with and not who you are born to – and its significant influence on social and emotional skills, wellbeing and behaviour.


The nurturing approach to education offers a range of opportunities for children and young people to engage with missing early nurturing experiences, giving them the social and emotional skills to do well at school and with peers, and to develop their resilience and self-confidence. It encourages pupils to take pride in achieving - addressing the social and emotional needs that can hamper learning. 


How does UNICEF and Sanctuary support Nurture?


We are ensuring that as we work towards becoming a Rights Respecting School and a place of Sanctuary, these awards are also supporting and are symbiotic of our journey towards achieving the National Nurturing Schools Award.


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