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History Intent

At Charlton Primary School, we believe the teaching of history should ignite our children’s curiosity, develop their knowledge of the past and motivate them to develop an enquiring mind. We do this by teaching the skills necessary to become a good historian. These include: researching and gathering information; examining primary and secondary sources and their reliability based on an understanding of how evidence is used to make historical claims and why contrasting arguments and interpretations have been constructed; analysing evidence in order to justify or explain their own reasoning and pose historically valid questions.


Our children will progressively build their history skills and knowledge, beginning with their own experiences and lives of their families, in order to give context and meaning to history and its chronology. They will leave Charlton with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s history, their locality and the history and influence of the wider world, including the nature of ancient civilisations, the dissolution of empires and characteristics features of past non-European societies. The children will understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance. They will use this understanding to draw contrasts, make connections between and have a good understanding of the chronology of key historical periods, local, national and international history, significant individuals and their own lives, encouraging them to question and investigate how life today came about and has been influenced and impacted by the events of the past.     


We use our own bespoke History curriculum that is heavily based on our rich local history. Dover has been a key town in history and provides a rich historical landscape for the context of our curriculum. 


The curriculum is planned so that knowledge, skills and understanding builds on what the children have been taught with clearly defined end points. Children will be exposed to a range of sequential knowledge of the past and its events, building on a range of historical skills throughout every year group such as: chronology, vocabulary and making comparisons alongside this. Our curriculum reflects that some children may not have the same experiences as others from outside of school and aims to provide all children with rich and meaningful historical learning across a range of topics and events. Through History, the children are able to analyse and research good and bad models of citizenship from society and reflect on what individuals and nations can learn from the mistakes and actions of others. They will be able to understand change and how this has occurred in developing societies. This will allow the pupils to develop an appreciation and respect for diversity in today’s society and an understanding of the people or groups who fought for this. This enables the children to feel united and understanding of the world they live in.


History Implementation

At Charlton CE School, History is based on the National Curriculum and Development matters. Key knowledge and skills in history are outlined through key focus documents across years groups in areas such as: vocabulary, chronology and understanding, knowledge and interpretation and historical enquiry. Historical topics are taught in chronological order to build on their understanding and ability to make connections of things as time has progressed and moved forward. Teaching is adapted to meet the needs of all children, including those with SEND and additional needs. Challenges are also included in order to ensure that all children are regularly challenged and form strong connections across historical experiences and knowledge. Teachers are able to develop their subject knowledge through CPD opportunities.

Pupils are taught key concepts in history through a range of cross-curricular activities and subjects to develop the pupils ability to form understandings, connections and knowledge with regular opportunities to discuss ideas. Understanding is assessed regularly through questioning, lesson feedback and a range of formative and summative assessments. This allows teachers to find and address any misconceptions and support the children’s growing understanding. These activities also allow children to embed key concepts into their long-term memory and apply them fluently both in school and the real-world. History at Charlton is often linked to the real-world to allow them to become critical and reflective thinkers, learners and citizens. It is also reflective of the rich historical context of Dover. 


History Impact

By the end of their time at Charlton CE Primary School, children will be well equipped to move onto the next stage of their education and learning journey by being able to: ask and answer questions, analyse sources, join in discussions and demonstrate secure chronological understanding. The way the history curriculum is structured and organised ensures that all children have the opportunity to make progress in that they know more, remember more and are able to do more. Consequently, all children will be able to achieve good results and ensure they are prepared for the rest of their educational journey and beyond with lifelong skills. All children, including those who are disadvantaged and SEND, will all acquire the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.