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Jackdaws (Yr 4) 

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Standards and Expectations

Children in Class 4 are expected to have a higher level of independence and take greater responsibility for their learning. Children are encouraged to be well prepared and organized during lessons. High standards of work are expected at all times, including work completed at home. All pupils are encouraged to work their very hardest and contribute fully to class life. They are expected to be well behaved, polite and helpful at all times and follow our class rules. Good work and behaviour will be rewarded.  We use a restorative justice system. Children begin every day on a green circle. Good behaviour or kindness can be rewarded by moving their names to Blue, for which they receive a sticker. Negative behaviour could see their name moving from green to orange or red. Children are encouraged throughout the day to show behaviours that will result in their names moving up again, so we rarely see a name on red by the end of the day!  



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In Year 4, most children’s reading skills have been developed significantly enough for them affording them the opportunity to choose their own personal reading material, within their assessed level. Children regularly take Star reading tests and are given a reading level zone. They should select their book within that zone and are being encouraged to steadily increase their levels.  The class teacher will also help children with this process. With these books will be a reading diary and children/adults are asked to write a short response to the book each time they read as well as dating the record after each session. Children are asked to follow this process, at least 3 times a week but 5 times would be ideal.  

Children will be bringing home a second book of their choice, chosen from the reading corner or library to read for pleasure.  

As a school, we reward regular reading at the end of term, where children’s names are added to a prize draw if they can evidence enough reading sessions in their reading record. 



Reading- Children will be asked to read daily at home and for this to be noted in their school reading diary. 


Spellings- Children will be set weekly spellings appropriate to the stage of development they are at. These will be uploaded to Microsoft Teams and as well as through EdShed. 


Times tables - The children should continue learning the remainder of their times tables this year, practising as often as possible. They have their Times Tables Rock Stars logins or can play alternative online games or songs, or other games they find useful to help them learn these facts ready for their multiplication check in June. 


In addition to these tasks the children will be set a selection of activities linked to our in class learning, from which they can choose and complete by the end of the half term. 



If you need to speak to me about any aspect of your child’s schooling, please do not hesitate to contact the office to arrange an appointment either on the telephone or face to face. 


Class Teacher: Miss Wharton