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The Rising Stars Scheme of Work is used, as we feel the plans within the scheme of work provide our children with the Science Learning they need. The plans can be adapted to suit the varying needs of our children and allow us to use the local environment to support learning. They encourage a broad vocabulary base which is key for our children due to the diversity in languages and needs that they experience. They balance questioning and practical experiments. The way the scheme works enables us to teach the science curriculum in a cross curricular, flexible way and to provide opportunities for children that they might not otherwise experience. The scheme is set up to allow for children, particularly in Key Stage 1, to revisit learning objectives throughout the year, therefore ensuring that knowledge and skills are embedded for children. Each year group has six topics covering the primary science programme of study, and more. The first five topics are linked directly to the programme of study. The sixth topic in each year group is a ‘Science in Action’ topic. This off-curricular topic reinforces key ‘working scientifically’ skills linked to the curriculum. It is an opportunity for children to apply their science skills in a wider context.  The flexibility the scheme offers also means that we may choose to use the sixth topic to extend children knowledge further by engaging in themed weeks. We feel this flexibility is very important for all of our children to have the opportunity to experience current affairs such as environmental issues so that no one is at a disadvantage.